Forex Practice Accounts

Looking for a FREE Forex Practice Account?

Forex can be risky!  It is essential that you obtain a free practice account before you invest your hard earned dollars.

So what is a DEMO Forex Account?

Put simply, a forex demo account allows you to practice trading LIVE online using paper money. Everything else is exactly the same – the only difference is if you make a TON of money you don’t get to keep it. On the flip side, if you loose your shirt it allows you to refine what you are doing wrong and practise getting better at it.

Who offers a Forex Account Demo?

There are a lot of brokers who offer these types of forex practice accounts. Some will allow you to practice anywhere upwards of $10,000. We would recommend two companies for those new at Forex… EToro and ETrade.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to forex currency trading or even an experienced forex trader, Risk free practice account are an ideal way to get started in currency trading. Ready to get started?

Have a look around these Forex Brokers websites and pick the one that you like the best.